Friday, August 26, 2005

Different thinking

Can you think different.You are taught to think as the other billions the same system,the same principles and views.When a child born he has to do X Y Z to be a man education decent job black or white rich or poor he studies the same principle.There may be dull mind and bright mind but how can you expect a 180 degree change there is the limitation of fundamentals.The mould is identical and so is the outcome.Different thinking from an uneducated soul.Have to peep into his soul to find another thought.Is he a fool folish thinking never he sees what i dont see every one in his own world.Civilizing the barbarian thought and dressing it with Italian outfit.Think again and again you have limits.

Bye Bye Rabbit

Asked them wanna rabbit,Rabbit! Big one too big how many Kg?Guilt feeling no killing n cooking bad too bad poor mind no ll not be able to sleep may be 2-3 days then any way ll hve to sleep.Still assurance no cooking no killing ll present to a dame she ll take care off.ok took the rabbit with cage ooh what a cutie, so small, didnt give food,beautiful and the rabbit is gone the chapter is closed.I had a rabbit long back was a nice rabbit.

Saturday, August 06, 2005


I bought a rabbit with a cage.I fed it greenleaves,carrots cauliflower.Interesting one week two week.Hardships Problems foul smell responsibility thinking how to get rid off.same time guilt feeling poor rabbitwhy i have to, the other side looked after you should be thankful you know good things will not last long.